Coloured Diamond Meanings

Diamonds are available in almost every colour imaginable. Coloured diamonds are classified differently to regular clear diamonds and are often called fancy coloured diamonds. Naturally coloured diamonds change into a different colour because of various conditions or elements the diamond is exposed to whilst it is being formed. Treated or synthetically coloured diamonds are created by gemologists in a laboratory. Regardless of where the diamonds colour comes from, these coloured diamonds can be extremely fashionable and rare.

Many people believe that different coloured diamonds, much like different coloured gemstones – have different meanings.

Red coloured diamonds show confidence and power. In the Chinese culture, the colour red symbolises good luck. Pink coloured diamonds are representative of creativity, love and romance. Orange coloured diamonds symbolise energy and enthusiasm, while yellow coloured diamonds show happiness and joy. The colour yellow is also associated with friendship.

Green coloured diamonds symbolise wealth and nature, and blue coloured diamonds represent peace, spirituality and good health. A blue coloured diamond can be worn on a brides wedding day for “something blue”. Black is often seen as a negative colour, but a black coloured diamond may represent sophistication. Black coloured diamonds and have also recently become widely popular. Purple or violet coloured diamonds represent luxury, nobility and spirituality. Purple is also seen as a royal colour. Brown, champagne or tan coloured diamonds are often connected with the earth and nature and may represent harmony, tradition and the earth.

The meaning of different coloured diamonds should not necessarily be taken to heart. These meanings or symbolisms have been created by people for fun and enjoyment. One should always choose a coloured diamond because of the special significance to the person who will be wearing it – not by the positive or negative association with the colour of the diamond created by others.